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When it comes to selecting a college, be sure that you look at what it takes to be admitted into the college, if they offer your program, and what the college will offer you in academic or talent-based scholarships.

Research the college you would like to go to early, so you know what criteria you need to meet to be admitted, and what score will bring more scholarships. This information can be found at any college's "Admission" and "Financial Aid" page. Be sure to search the website under "Future Student" or "Academics" to see which programs they offer.

Also, be sure to search on the college's webpage for "Tuition Fees" and "Housing" to get a good idea of how much college will cost. If you work out a plan early, the easier it will be to be able to afford college, and graduate with little to no debt.

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List of OK Colleges

Click below with a full list of colleges in Oklahoma, and they are hyperlinked to take you to the college's website.

Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education | About the State System of Higher Education | Colleges and Universities | Alphabetical Listing of Oklahoma Colleges and Universities (

Way of Planning for College

Click on the link below to take you to the UCanGo2 website, which you can create a profile to help you plan for college, and it will help you with information on how to pay for it. This website contains scholarships to apply for college.


OK College Start

Click on the link below and create a profile to enjoy information on career planning, scholarships, and information about financial aide.

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